General Program

Friday 27.01.2012


Opening reception




Stephan Russ-Mohl (USI)
Piero Martinoli, President (USI)
Susanne Fengler, Project Coordinator MediaAcT (TU Dortmund)




Everette Dennis, Dean of Northwestern University in Qatar
“The Role of the Media in the Arab Spring”


Panel 1 – Roundtable
(Social) Media Accountability in the Arab World


Everette Dennis (Northwestern University, Qatar)
Riadh Ferjani (Université Paris II)
Philip Madanat (Madanat Consulting, Jordan)
Silvia Naef (University of Geneva)

Moderation: Marcello Foa




Panel 2 – Organizational Aspects of Media Accountability

Harmen Groenhart (Fontys University of Applied Sciences)
Jo Bardoel (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Conceiving transparency of journalism; towards a new media accountability currency

Mollie Painter-Morland (De Paul University)
Ghislain Deslandes (ESCP Europe)
Accountability in Contemporary Media Organizations: The Risk of Dromoscopic Pollution in the Newsrooms

Raluca-Nicoleta Radu (University of Bucharest)
Daniela Popa (University of Bucharest & University “Danubius” Galati)
Caught in transition. Aligning personal, organizational and professional norms and values in newsrooms

Chair: Matthias Karmasin


Coffee Break


Panel 3 – MediaACT-Project
Results from the empirical study

Summary Presentation:
Susanne Fengler (TU Dortmund)

Following: Specific inputs from selected countries

Chair: Epp Lauk


Panel 4 – New aspects and trends of online media accountability

Torbjörn von Krogh (Mid Sweden University)
Aspects of Accountability. A Comparison of Media Accountability Descriptions in Four Different Contexts.

Klaus Bichler (Medienhaus Wien)
Matthias Karmasin (University Klagenfurt)
Daniela Kraus (Medienhaus Wien)
Old Wine in New Bottles – New Trends of Online Media Accountability Instruments in Austria.

Ralf Spiller (Macromedia Hochschule Köln)
Matthias Degen (Macromedia Hochschule Köln)
Watchblogs – an overrated tool for media criticism.

Chair: Olivier Baisnée

Saturday, 28.01.2012


Panel 5 – Online media accountability and audience participation

Christian Wassmer (University of Zurich)
Otfried Jarren (University of Zurich)
Media accountability through media governance? Comparison of forms of user participation in social media services.

Yael de Haan (University of Amsterdam)
Jo Bardoel (Radboud University Nijmegen)
Accountability in the newsrooms: reaching out to the public or a form of window dressing?

Kersten Riechers (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences)
Tobias Reitz (Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences)
Corrigo – Crowdsourced Media Accountability Services.

Chair: Tobias Eberwein


Coffee Break


Closing Keynote

Scott Maier, University of Oregon
“Online Errors Management as Part of a Holistic Concept of Media Governance – The Recent Discussion in the U.S."


Panel 6 – Roundtable
The Promises of Web-Based Accountability Practices and their Potential to Mobilize the Community

Susanne Fengler (TU Dortmund)
Scott Maier (University of Oregon)
Judith Pies (Erich Brost-Institut)
Marlis Prinzing (Macromedia Hochschule Köln)

Moderation: Stephan Russ-Mohl (USI)


Closing remarks

Stephan Russ-Mohl (USI)